Brett Wilcox

Software Engineer

ISTQB Certified

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Brett is an experienced full-stack software engineer and an International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certified Tester. Brett has software development experience using Linux, Mac, and Windows, and enterprise-level experience with Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, Spring Boot, Mockito, Selenium, Nunit, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, VS Code, Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, SQL and MongoDB, and personal experience using Node.js, NPM, Vue, Ionic, Bootstrap, GraphQL, and others.

In 2020 Brett earned the US Department of Labor Software Engineer Certificate of Apprenticeship.

In 2019 Brett graduated from Boise CodeWorks software engineering.

In 2018 Brett earned a JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Developer Certification in Basic JavaScript, ES6, Regular Expressions, Debugging, Basic Data Structures, Basic Algorithm Scripting, Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Intermediate Algorithm Scripting, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects.

In 2018 Brett earned a Responsive Web Design Developer Certification in Basic HTML and HTML5, Basic CSS, Applied Visual Design, Applied Accessibility, Responsive Web Design Principles, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, and Responsive Web Design Projects.

Prior to software development Brett had a 20 year career in aviation working as a commercial helicopter pilot flying single pilot missions in support of fire, heliski, and geophysical exploration missions, as well as time in the Navy flying in the Viking jet aircraft launched from aircraft carriers.

Brett grew up in Idaho and graduated magna cum laude from Boise State University with B.A. in philosophy and minors in economics and business.

Additionally, Brett is interested in cryptocurrencies, DLT, blockchains, smart contracts, Defi, Dapps, Dex's, and other emerging decentralized technologies.


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