Brett Wilcox


Brett Wilcox pictureHi, I'm Brett Wilcox, a full-stack software developer. I grew up in Idaho and graduated magna cum laude from Boise State University with B.A. in philosophy and minors in economics and business. Prior to software development I had a successful 20 year career in aviation working as a commercial helicopter pilot flying single pilot missions in support of fire, heliski, and geophysical exploration missions, as well as time in the Navy flying in the Viking jet aircraft. Additionaly, I like rivers, writing poetry, and going on walks and hikes.



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Desert Idaho

This is my poetry website that I started working on in the fall of 2018. My poetry is inspired by nature and philosophy. Go ahead, read some poetry, and some code. (Will refactor after CodeWorks)

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Mathematics Notebooks

I built this website for my daughter to showcase her college math notebooks that she spent years working on while earning her B.S. in applied mathematics.

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This was our week three Boise CodeWorks project, and it was really fun. listenUp is a free song previewer website that allows users to find music they like, with links to buy the song or album on Itunes.

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This website is my CodeWorks week four challenge built with JavaScript and using HTTP requests to communicate with multiple api servers to create a personal dashboard. I really enjoyed this project!

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Boise CodeWorks capstone team project using Vue.js on the front end, Node.js on the back end, and deployed to Heroku. This progressive web application (PWA) is designed to connect musicians and venues.

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Boise CodeWorks Vue.js project in which the user can create boards, lists, tasks, and comments of any material they like. Deployed to Heroku.

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Technical Bugs

This was our first CodeWorks project using Vue.js. This is a website for companies or developers to report and track technical issues.

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Karate Panda

This website was one of our week three weekend project at Boise CodeWorks. Karate Panda is a game in which the user can slap, punch, and kick at the target Panda. I really enjoyed writing the complex button logic. Check it out.

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Boise CodeWorks final project using Vue.js on the front end, C# on the back end, and deployed to Heroku. This progressive web application (PWA) allows users to save and share content they like.

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Peeve Post

Boise CodeWorks hackathon team project in which the user posts about things they consider pet peeves. Vanilla javascript.

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Spectate Madrid

This is a progressive web app (PWA) to display soccer articles. I built this PWA using Vue.js on the front end, Node.js on the back end, and deployed to Heroku.

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Crypto News

I built this website so that I can read news articles from the cryptocurrency industry. The news updates every 3 minutes.